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4. May 2014

Sri Lanka

Travelling is great. But travelling with your girls is unbeatable! We've been exploring Sri Lanka for two weeks and the trip started in Colombo...
15. November 2016


La dolce vita was calling me to get ready for Italian vibes. So I packed my stuff and travelled from Berlin to Florence, Venice, San Gimignano and Chianti and tasted all the vine the vineyards offered..
17. November 2016


I couldn’t believe what I saw! In Las Coloradas, Mexico, pink lagoons exist. The small fishing village on the Yucatán Peninsula is home to tinted waters — thanks to unusually high quantities of tiny brine shrimp.
18. November 2016


What comes into your mind when hearing of Thailand? Touristic beaches, Pattaya, Phuket? Well, let me show you the route I travelled and the natural corners I discovered and explored..
20. November 2016


There is nothing left to be desired on the Maldives – especially for honeymooners. The #Instameet was calling and so I hopped on a plane that took me to the Maldives...
21. November 2016


Whenever I am at sea I immediately feel completely balanced. Paradise is not right around the corner. From Germany it took us four flights and four stops in Dubai, Jakarta, Balikpapan (for those who are wondering, it is an Indonesian city in East Borneo)...
21. November 2016


The spirit of Java leaves you breathless. After all those amazing experiences I just had one question: Why is everybody only visiting Bali when you can discover everything else Indonesia has to offer?
11. April 2017

Cala Figuera

Visiting south of Mallorca in April and let's spread some spring vibe! I've been to Cala Figuera with my best friends for 5 days cruisin around with bikes and exploring beautiful beaches and coves. From Cala...
11. April 2017


I am so happy and proud to be part of the new Jack Wolfskin #gobackpack campaign. Read my travel diary of Chile and found out more about the Nikon equipment! The plan was: one week Patagonia in the south...