30. May 2017

Palma de Mallorca

Wow, yesterday was a blast! We've been cruisin' with motorcycles through the mountains of Tramuntana the whole day and been exploring this paradise from a very different perspective...
4. August 2017

Don’t let them disappear.

Africa is home to the most iconic wildlife. But illegal poaching might destroy it forever. Elephants are not only majestic and worth...
12. August 2017


paradise found... Touch down, landed in Spain and finally arrived in Malaga. Invited by Brugal, the dominican rum brand my best friend Svenja and I took a journey to Tarifa..
2. April 2018

Guadeloupe the butterfly island.

“Guade… what?;” most of my friends asked when I told them my upcoming trip to Guadeloupe. They had never heard about that very special island. Why is it so special? I will tell you soon and I am so excited ...
28. February 2019


I felt truly blessed when Visit Bahamas invited me to visit their beautiful islands... In this blog post I am going to share my highlights from 7 days paradise ...
23. May 2019


Acanela Expeditions invited me to explore and discover the beautiful wonders of Vietnam...