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28. February 2019

Visiting Việt Nam and not giving a Pho. 🍜

*sponsored trip

Acanela Expeditions invited me to explore and discover the beautiful wonders of Vietnam. After my trip to Morocco I immediately packed my luggage for the next trip to Asia. Culture shock is definitely the wrong word, but if you immersed yourself in the African vibe and then traveling to Asia, you absolutely feel a strong difference in the culture, atmosphere and in the mentality of the people, but I have experienced it as very refreshing to start my trip in Vietnam like this. Acanela Expeditions prepared a really lovely program for us with the perfect balance between urban culture but also enough time to spend a lot of time in nature. It is the perfect fusion between comfort & adventure. Even the historical and very important: culinary experiences found enough space in our schedule along the way. In the following I’m gonna show you the places I visited within the 7 days and which I enjoyed the most. Those stops are absolutely recommended to explore and to shoot!

Xin chào, Hanoi!

The capital of Vietnam, this is where our adventure starts.
Honestly I am not a huge fan of city trips since I feel more related to nature. But I have to admit that I absolutely fell in love with Hanoi and its incredible vibe and cozy atmosphere. It’s so green here and all the individual houses with their sweet decorations makes it feel more like a lovely town than a metropolitan? Even though it’s is really populated. We’ve been exploring the city and saw its temples, cafes and tried out the yummy street food.
The Hanoi train street was one of my highlights. Plan at least 2 days for Hanoi, because it gives you a great idea of the Vietnamese lives and mentality.

Ninh Binh.

The beautiful countryside of Vietnam.

We’ve been driving 3,5 h from Hanoi through a beautiful & pleasant farmland landscape to reach Ninh Binh. And to explore the Halong Bay Region. We stayed 3 nights at the Emeralda Resort.
Must DO:
UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tam Coc in Ninh Binh where endless rice paddies, limestone towers, and the Ngo Dong River await you. Visiting Trang An, boarding a local vietnamese boat to travel through the thousands of limestone islands and caves that make up some of the most spectacular scenery in the world! Visit floating villages, meet the locals, share a meal with them, and learn about how they live life on the water.

Pu Luong. A place to reunite with your soul.

Walking through beautiful rice paddies, enjoying the panoramic view of the whole valley. Making friends with the local buffalos. The high level of humidity and the mysterious fog brought the jungle feeling. An incredible place to stay is the Pu Luong Eco Garden. It's a super natural and authentic place between the rice paddies with a beautiful and foggy infinity pool view. Most of the accommodations are stilt houses, built on high slopes and hills next to the rice terraces, to offer the best view to the breathtaking landscape. My highlight of Ninh Binh is the The Lying Dragon Mountain. It takes you 500 steps to reach the most beautiful view of Halong Bay and to visit the Hang Mua Caves.
Visit the Loc village, traditional waterwheels. Do something good for your soul and stay here for a while. This area is made to hang around and enjoy to be in the present.

5 Things I learned in Vietnam:

🍜 1mio Vietnamese Đồngs are 40 Dollars.

🍜Bich Dong is a place.

🍜Love can grow on motorbikes.

🍜Vietnamese coffee is highly addictive. Especially the egg coffee.

🍜Egg coffe is invented by a guy called "Zhang", who had no milk at home but wanted to enjoy a creamy coffee so he put raw egg into his hot coffee instead of milk.

🍜5 billion tons of bombs were thrown while Vietnamese war.

🍜Older people still speak french fluently.

🍜My tour guide told me that 90 % of Vietnamese people have no religion, but Wikipedia says something else.

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