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Guadeloupe the butterfly island.

12. August 2017
28. February 2019

“Guade… what?”

“Guade… what?;” most of my friends asked when I told them my upcoming trip to Guadeloupe. They had never heard about that very special island. Why is it so special? I will tell you soon and I am so excited to show you some unique beachwear pieces from WATERCULT my new favorite beachwear label and than I want to tell you the story of how we almost did not make it there.

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Flying 8 hours to the Carribean, landing in Europe.

After an eight hour flight to the Caribbean we are arriving…. in EUROPE!!! As you might not know Columbus landed on the island on his second trip in 1493 and called the island Guadeloupe according to a promise he had made to some spanish monks. The residents managed to fight him off successfully but eventually France colonised the island in 1635 and started bringing african slaves to work on sugarcane and coffee plantations. The aftermaths of this horrible practise can still be seen today for example in people's reactions to Halo, who woke associations of bloodhounds. He was tolerated but not not appreciated. I also assume that most rum distilleries (rum is the most important product of Guadeloupe) were still owned by white Europeans. Nevertheless since 1946 Guadeloupe is not a colony anymore but an official part of France and all of it‘s residents are french citizens.

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I really regret traveling - said nobody ever

Due to its shape Guadeloupe is called the butterfly island. The landscape is magical: heavenly beaches, volcanoes, green hills, and so diverse. On the west wing of Basse Terre Island one can go on winding roads up steep mountains to see impressive waterfalls. Maybe pack a pack of gum to avoid getting sick and dizzy. The sand on the beaches is black which reminded me of Iceland. The eastern part is where the sugarcanes grow. The economically most important plant of Guadeloupe which is then used to make rum. If the traffic is alright, it only takes 2-3 hours to drive through the entire island. So it’s possible to get to know almost the entire island in two weeks. And, I cannot get over the fact that this is (still/again) Europe. I didn't need a sim card, I didn't need to change money. That makes travelling a lot easier. I am in love with that island. There is no mass tourism, the beaches are not overcrowded and everyone I met was very welcoming. Still you should keep in mind that slavery only ended around 200 years ago and that there is a reason why the island is french today...

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As you have probably seen on my instagram I LOVE bathingsuits, bikinis and basically anything I can wear on a beach. That is why I was super excited about the collaboration with I am not someone who is collecting shoes or bags, no I am addicted to swimwear. Especially anything that blends into nature and makes me become one with the scenery. Since I am a design student, aesthetics are very important to me. The combination of Guadeloupe‘s heavenly waters and the great style of WATERCULT swimwear made me super happy. You want to know how I decide what to wear? I don’t like to pack many things, so everything I pack needs to work wherever I go. WATERCULT is one of those brands I know is working everywhere. It’s trendy, cool and powerful. I had so much fun shooting the outfits, they blended perfectly into Guadeloupe’s scenery. As you can see on the photos, it seems like I became one with nature. I love labels where I can just feel the quality of the fabric on my skin. is one of those labels. If you wanna see for yourself, check out their amazing styles on their website: . And if you feel that you are not in shape for fancy beachwear, don’t worry. Having a beach body is easy, just put on a bikini and go to the beach. It‘s as easy as that. WATERCULT will provide you with fancy basics you can wear for years and combine according to the vibes and your mood.

how to have a beach body: have a body - go to the beach.

buy now or cry later .


Traveling with the dog to the Caribbean

...last but not least the story of how we almost did not make it there.

As you probably know I am the proud mom of Berlin’s cutest dog Halo. To not ask too much of his patience (you need to keep in mind, he is still a puppy, a fact that I should have kept in mind when booking our flights but more on that later) we took a train from Berlin to Paris where we were supposed to board an eight hour flight to Guadeloupe. You must know, french airport staff is very strict. No kid, neither human nor dog kind can cut you some slack when it comes to waiting in line at the airport. Knowing that we went to the airport 4 (!!) hours before the actual flight to make sure everything will go as planned. But apparently we were not the only ones who had that thought because we still stood in line for the check-in for 1,5 hours. That means we had lost a lot of time already (if you are now asking yourself: time for what? I will get there) when we finally stood at the counter with our IATA tested travel box for Halo. What we had not considered was that puppies grow a lot - every week and as the woman at the counter informed us, Halo was already too big for the box I had ordered two weeks ago. Even tho he still had some space over his head and the box was the size of our washing machine, according to the regulations he was too big. That was the moment we froze…

... was our holiday already over before we even got on the plane? Not so fast. The airline told us to try and rent out a bigger box from another airline at another terminal. Sounds easy, right? But anyone who ever had the pleasure of changing planes in Paris knows that this airport is huge and chaotic. A sign informed us that the airline was a 20 minute walk away. Believe it or not we made it in eight minutes and I have never sweated more in my entire life. Turns out the biggest box the other airline had was not bigger than the one we already got. With pounding hearts we ran to another airline but I had already given up hope – who should have an even bigger box for sale at an airport?? We ran back to our gate and begged for help. The check-in was about to close. So we split up, I stayed at the almost closed check-in while my boyfriend ran around like a crazy person trying to buy a box. And guess what – he was successful! Well... almost… he was still at the other side of the airport with a newly purchased super expansive box and the gate was closing. He informed me that he will be back in 30 minutes and I should try to stall time. I did. I cried and begged and as you can see, we made it on the plane (but in even more desperate need for a vacation). So this goes out to all the dog owners: ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS check twice to make sure your dog really fits the legal height requirements of those travel boxes. Even if it seems more than obvious!


Merci & au revoire

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