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Don’t let them disappear.
4. August 2017
Guadeloupe the butterfly island.
2. April 2018



Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.

Minute by minute I gain tan. Already waiting in the Ocean Tarifa Hotel I’m meeting my former school friend Svenja, who I haven’t seen for a while. The Ocean Tarifa Hotel by Brugal is located 5 min by feet from the beach. Between the pines you can get the first view to hundreds of colorful kites, what I will be trying out tomorrow the very first time! The coastline seems to be endless and the old village of Tarifa is still romantic, where you can find some really cool Cafes and small shops. Diving into a super chilled and relaxed atmosphere I feel the spirit of the kitesurfing hotspot of Europe. Due to the weather conditions most of the time you can just jump with your kite and board into the ocean and relax in the evening while enjoying a good wine and tapas.

Now let’s hurry up to my very first kitesurfing course, where I am meeting my own teacher who is taking care of me all day long. Lucky me. I love kitesurfing. What a tremendous experience it is to fly your kite between two powerful natural forces - wind and water - which impacts your whole body. As a child I always dreamed of flying. Dreams can come true.

If you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisey and colorful and lively. - Mel Brooks

The first day I spent on the beach to explore the scenery and the fancy people. The beach bars and main spots are loud and bright. The Nightlife of Tarifa is really immense even if it’s only a village. In summer you can beach hard and party at every corner where you will find lil concerts and music from diverse DJ’s.


It’s amazing that you can find everything a traveller needs on only one spot. The contrast between calm beaches, parque naturals and bright and loud party world is just brugal, uhm .. brutal. I am sorry. When I thought of this joke I immeadetly regret it already. So sorry. Surprising me the wind disappeared and we had to skip the kitesurfing course which turns out to be a happy accident, because than we found a super calm parque natural while exploring the surrounding. We walked through and found a beautiful view. Unexpected we found an abandoned dreamy beach, where we spend the whole day. This calm beach offered us the best opportunity to relax. Talking about ex boyfriends and fun stories and let the good old times roll with a sip of Brugal. The clear water was super refreshing cold while the sun burns and the atmosphere is super hot. Within minutes we are almost grilled. The characteristic for the beach are endless high cliffs and water-deformed stones, which have interesting patterns.


On site at the Ocean Tarifa by Brugal it is all about the experience with all your senses. Good food and high quality drinks are only some of the great opportunities that Brugal offers to us. On top I had some massages, kitesurfing lessons also I was able to connect with lovely people and locals. Rum tasting… From the bamboo to the sugar cane, to the sugar cane juice and by distillation to the rum. We took the manufacturing steps to the finished rum with blindfolded eyes. What an amazing experience. Brugal is manufactured in the 5th generation already and the special thing about this rum is that the whole production takes place in the Dominican Republic and the result is the characteristic flavor of the DR by barrel storage.



We spent three days at this unique place and thanks to our host we had an amazing time. There is no better place for two chickens like us. Nature, kitesurfing, great people, culinary experiences like high-quality cocktails and great music. Relaxing time that Svenja and I had in between the great dishes and drinks, we spent by the pool. But when the wind stood still, the mosquitoes went crazy. Thanks to Scotts Nexa Lotte Ultra Protect-Spray , that we sprayed on the blanket before we were lying down, we were not bombed by the countless mosquitoes. The spray protected us like an invisible shield and has become a very important companion on my journey when traveling! #nexalotte #fliegengitter

Foreign countries, breathtaking nature and exciting cultures… Discovering and capturing the best moments while traveling with the camera is for me the most important and fulfilling. Usually, I am looking for the wide nature and quiet – as I am a Berlin Stadtkind. But the great thing about traveling is that you always get surprised with an incredible diversity.


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