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Cala Figuera

21. November 2016
11. April 2017

Visiting south of Mallorca in April and let's spread some spring vibe!

Fave swim brand Madebydawn.

Fave swim brand Madebydawn.

Take a deep breath and get present in the moment.

This part of the island is so empty in April, this place almost seems like deserted and the weather is so refreshing though! Unfortunately it's impossible to jump into the water even it looks so tempting. But sitting next to the ocean and enjoying the hot dazzling sun was more satisficing to me than being there in summer when it's completely crowded. I love to travel and want to give back. I am so happy that TOMS was such a great travel companion and I can activate their mission of giving back. After this trip I just decided to spent every future spring in Mallorca!

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