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Cala Figuera
11. April 2017
Palma de Mallorca
30. May 2017


I am so proud to be part of the new Jack Wolfskin #GOBACKPACK campaign.


South and North mean worlds in Chile. In fact, there are several completely different vegetation, climatic zones and landscapes that unite in this 4,200 km-long country. Whether one is looking for volcanoes, desert, the proverbial Pampa, fertile and flowering mediterranean-like plains or rainy steppe landscapes: here you can find everything - and many beautiful national parks. What you will also find: avocados, avocados, avocados. Seriously, the country is a dream, the weather gorgeous and the people nice. Only the food could be more varied!



I am so honored to be the first official #NikonInstagrammer and happy that NIKON accompanied me again to my trip to Chile. I was so thrilled to test diverse of cameras and lenses on my adventures. In comparison to other brands I tried before I can say that I have never been so satisfied by quickness and clean shots as I am by Nikon.

The travel equipment.


The best DSLR with full-format sensor. Above all, the professional camera scores with extremely fast autofocus, fast and long series recording as well as extensive equipment. The picture quality also convinces with low-noise and detailed pictures. Actually it's not suitable for travelers but though I took it with me and I am so happy about the results and did not regret that it was a bit uncomfortable at all.


The Compact profi dslr is still my fave and always will be. The D500 is my eternal standard companion. I can highly recommend this one for travellers as it's compared to other cameras in their classes very light and small. As you have to be very quick and spontaneous on travels it's perfectly suitable.

AF-S DX 16-80 mm 1:2,8-4 ED VR

Quick and clean lens. Perfect for wild angled landscape shots.

AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm VR 4.0

Is an amazing lens for landscape AND portraits.

AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm VR

This lens is an amazing zoom lens and provides recordings with excellent picture quality. The weight of this lens is very heavy. I couldn't even hold the camera without a tripod. But though it was perfect to shoot animals. We used it for shy animals in the distance like flamingos, penguins, pelicans and lamas. If you have enough time and space I can highly recommend to take it with you if you're planning to make friends with some animals in the wild.

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