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Abu Dhabi
19. November 2016
21. November 2016

Video taken by Chris Rogers.


There is nothing left to be desired on the Maldives – especially for honeymooners.

The #Instameet was calling and so I hopped on a plane that took me to the Maldives with only a short stop in Abu Dhabi. Club Med (Kani & Finholu) had invited 15 instagrammers from all over the world to promote #theplacetobehappy and visit them on their islands in paradise.

The stay was dreamlike and made me feel like a queen. When travelling I usually love adventures and don´t spend my holidays relaxing but this time I decided to take a little break and take a few deep breaths. For this purpose, the place was perfect: lonely and extremely luxurious at the same time. My spacious villa on my very own island left nothing to be desired. Every morning was welcomed with breakfast in bed and in the evenings I enjoyed delicious dinner a la carte. I could not get enough of the fish. Does it ever taste better than coming straight from the sea?

Photos taken by <a href= Chris Rogers.
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Photo taken by <a href= Chris Rogers.
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Crystal clear turquoise water, smooth white sand, palm trees gently swinging in the wind and feeling the warmth all around me were the perfect cure against my winter depression.

Is there anything better for mind and body?

Unfortunately, this little paradise is highly threatened by climate change. Due to the rising sea levels the islands are endangered to completely drown in the next decades. 2016 was an especially hard year for the corals due to the phenomenon El Niño that lead to an increase of the water temperature. The warmer water caused coral bleaching which did great damage on the coral riffs of the Maldives. Luckily, I did not notice much of the aftermaths and was able to enjoy a magnificent world under water.

View from the water to the villas.

„If you are falling, dive.”

The Maldives are the perfect place to explore the colorful and luminous creatures of the Indian ocean. You don’t need to dive deep, it is enough to grab a snorkel to enjoy the amazing coral riffs and make friends with a huge variety of fish.


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