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Abu Dhabi

19. November 2016
18. November 2016
20. November 2016

Although all in all I spend only one day in Abu Dhabi, it felt like a fairytale from the Arabian Nights.

Etihad Airways took me on an unforgettable trip to the desert where I spend the day admiring the beauty that is called Abu Dhabi. It was such an exciting day! As soon as I had landed, we started to discover the city. Abu Dhabi seems so well organized, but no wonder – the city was build up in only 50 years. Impressive! ((That is about the time that it will take the city of Berlin to establish a functioning airport.))


Before the day ended we left the city behind us and enjoyed a magnificent sunset in the desert followed by a great dinner between. We sat between Bedouin tents and the only light we had was coming from candles and from the moon. The Bedouins are just masters of hospitality and I had an unforgettable time.

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